Jews Returning Home!

Isa 11:12,    Jer 16:14-16

The GaDangme... Ghana

The Lemba Tribe... Zimbabwe

The Lost Tribe of Manasseh... India

The Black Hebrews

09-29-10 Arutz Sheva Neo-Nazi Couple Find and Embrace Jewish Roots
08-26-10 Mountain Jews - Despite diminishing numbers, a historical Jewish community thrives in Azerbaijan
08-08-10 Arutz Sheva Wave of New Anti-Semitism in France Hits WW II Memorial
07-29-10 Arutz Sheva Synagogue in Maryland Vandalized
07-26-10 Arutz Sheva Second Explosive Attack on Swedish Synagogue in Two Weeks
07-26-10 Swedish synagogue attacked
07-25-10 Arutz Sheva 1,000 New Immigrants in One Week
07-07-10 Arutz Sheva ‘Up, Up and Away’ for North American Jews
07-07-10 Arutz Sheva New Immigrants Fulfill Prophecy of Ingathering
07-04-10 Arutz Sheva Interview with Holland's Chief Rabbi: Dutch Anti-Semitism
06-30-10 Arutz Sheva Europe: Worst for Jews Since End of WW2
06-26-10 Israel welcomes Kyrgyzstani refugees
02-21-10 Small device explodes at Cairo synagogue; no injured
02-16-10 Immigration to Israel hits 16,244, highest jump in 10 years
02-05-10 Britain PM condemns rise in anti-Semitic incidents
01-31-10 'Most anti-Semitic incidents since Holocaust in 2009'
01-31-10 Arutz Sheva Jews Flee Swedish Town in Wake of Anti-Semitism
01-30-10 Arutz Sheva Hamas Threatens Revenge on Jews Outside Israel
01-29-10 Arutz Sheva Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in Strasbourg, France
01-18-10 Arutz Sheva Arsonists Attack Crete Synagogue Second Time in Two Weeks

12-28-09 Immigration to Israel hits 16,244, highest jump in 10 years
08-14-09 JP Yemen's last Jews set to flee
08-12-09 JP For some North American Jews, recession serves as catalyst for aliya
08-12-09 JP Agency celebrates birthday with arrival of UK olim
07-19-09 JP 150 Latin American immigrants arrive to 'live free as Jews'
07-16-09 Video DNA unlocks Hispanic-Jewish history
06-22-09 Video Palestinians of a Jewish origin... A real eye opener!
04-22-09 JP Yemen's Jews flee country as threats follow murder of community teacher
03-19-09 JP US Jewry to pull out 110 Jews out of Yemen ... (110 of approx 280)
Jewish Community of Venezuela Fears for Their Safety
02-04-09 Demonstrators fear anti-Semitism in Venezuela
02-03-09 First Black Hebrew gets Israeli citizenship... USA
02-02-09 JP Jewish Agency expects aliya rate from Turkey to double this year
02-01-09 'Scared to be identified as Jews'... Turkey
02-01-09 JP Venezuelan synagogue vandalized