Beersheva Congregation was overran by 500 ultra-orthodox Jews

I got excited when I came across this video posted on youtube. Itís one of several that I used to be linked to. Yes, on this Christmas Eve of 2005, over $2,000.00 worth of damage was done. Last I heard, over $25,000.00 has been spent in court fees, in essence trying to get $2,000.00 and an apologue. In spite of the videos and hard evidence, no one has been convicted, no apologue, no nothing.

The videos which I used to be linked to were removed from on-line because being evidence Howard didnít want to prejudice the case. But, looks like it donít matter anymore.

Man, these guys climbed the walls, over barbed wire fence, slapped and push the elderly women around, spit on people, punching on the pastor and throwing him in the baptismal pool, breaking his glasses, etc., etc., etc.

The guy who captured this on video did so at the risk of his life! It should be shown!

Pastors! Feeding your sheep is one thing, but what do you do when wolves encircle your flock round-about?

Eddie July 8, 2008